Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where Compassion Comes From & Kindness Grows

Now that it is a new year I feel like it is the perfect time to reflect. The past year I have learned so much about myself as a person. I have learned little things and a few major things.

As far as the little things are concerned, I've learned that I am hands down the worst at cooking chicken, I officially have one dance move (but it DOES change with the tempo... so there's that), Slash on the guitar really soothes my soul. I will never be able to play the piano but I really like Coors Light.

As far as the major things... I've learned that I have some of the most amazing friends around me that I truly believe will be my forever family. They are the people that have survived with me, they have held my hand through my struggles and celebrated in my successes with this journey. I have recently learned that I am by far my toughest critic. I pile work on to myself, worry too much that I won't be able to back up all my dreams, and in end... I'm terrified to fail.

In 2015, I want to live and experience while helping other, without shackling my feet to the ground with my own crazy expectations. My heart is what has gotten this far, and sometimes I tend to forget that. My heart is what helps others, it's what draws people to me, to my words, and to my passions. It will be what gets me to my dreams as well. The only goal for 2015 I have is to experience life with my all of my heart. To feel everything.

I want to take pieces of my heart and leave them everywhere I go, with all of my experiences. If you think about it; it makes sense. Everything comes from your heart. Love for your partner, love for your friends, love for your family, love for strangers. It's where compassion comes from and kindness grows. It's where you find your strength. I'm basically doing the opposite of what most people try to do. I'm breaking my heart into shambles to make it whole. Call me crazy but I fully intend to live and love everyday of my life while I'm in it.

Helping others is what makes my heart happy. So this year I will take my heart and hand it out and will to use it to make a difference. I want people to continue to look at me and if they see nothing else, the only thing I want them to truly see, and feel, is my heart.