Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rock Against Rape

If you all haven't heard for the past 6 months I've been planning a benefit concert to help get the Safe & Sound Refuge name out. It is on June 21st at the outdoor venue of O'Malley's Pub in Weston Missouri. There will be 4 bands, O'Malley's awesome beer, informational booths where you can find out ways to help and get involved, t-shirts and wristbands. Plus O'Malley's will be open so its going to be great! It's called Rock Against Rape, there will be a $5 cover and that money will go to Safe & Sound Refuge, doors open at 5.

The week of this concert will make 3 years since my life turned upside down. The steps I've made to make it here have been at times some of the hardest steps I have ever taken. I hope that with these steps I have also help others take the steps in the right directions as well. The situation was a rough one, and at times still is. I still battle with what happened but I can honestly say that it brought me to all of you. It gave me a passion for something that I would have never had otherwise. It's hard to say that it made me who I am because that would give it some sort of power, but it did open my eyes and it taught me a lot. I guess you could say that it took me to a really dark place, but I found some light... and fought until it was bright again. The process to planning an event like this has defiantly taken a lot of energy and brain power. I hope to see a great turn out and know that all of this hard work is paying off.

This is the start of something that could really make a difference. This cause is bigger than me, its bigger than all of us. It's time it gets the attention it deserves. I hope everyone that is reading this is able to make it out. This journey is finally starting to come around full circle the only thing left is to make it a successful one. "In the depths of hell, I learned who I was. It takes a strong soul to endure so much pain and heartache and still make it out alive; to not get stuck in the deep burning pit of misery. It takes a resilient creature to claw their way back up and out of darkness and back into a reality where your nightmares can finally turn into dreams." Rock Against Rape is mine.